Celebrate International Pillow Fight Day this Saturday

Celebrate International Pillow Fight Day this Saturday

Did you know that Saturday, April 4, is International Pillow Fight Day?

No? Neither did I.

It’s definitely one of the more obscure holidays marked on the calendar, but it’s a very real holiday and celebrated all around the globe. The first International Pillow Fight Day (or Worldwide Pillow Fight Day) happened on March 22, 2008, and over 25 cities all over the world participated, according to the National Post.

The Wall Street Journal reported that over five thousand people gathered in New York City to celebrate the very first Pillow Fight Day.

“I had know idea that existed,” said Detroit resident Nick Reyna.

“I think the better question is ‘Why does this exist?” His brother Michael said.

Well, while ordinary pillow fights have been the go-to sleepover activity for years, International Pillow Fight Day seems to just be a reason for people to get together and have some fun (while also taking out some frustration on their peers). But many large pillow fights have been organized outside of IPFD, in attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records. The record for largest pillow fight was set in November 2008 in England by 3,706 people, according to BBC News.

“As long as nobody gets too crazy and nobody gets hurt,” Nick said, “it sounds like a pretty fun time.”

“Yeah, it might be cool to check out,” Michael said. “But I’m not so sure I’d actually want to participate. I think I’d be worried about someone getting wild.”

But the chance to let go of some stress in the way of a pillow fight is appealing to those like native Detroiter Gabrielle Gomez.

“I had never heard of a pillow fight day before,” she said. “But I would definitely be interested in swinging a pillow at someone. Not too hard, of course, but just enough to relieve some stress.”

If participating in International Pillow Fight Day is something you’re interested in, join The Yellow Wall at 39 W. Warren Ave. across from Wayne State University at 3 p.m. to celebrate. Wear red, yellow, blue or black and choose your team. Free Red Bull will be provided and DJDash313 will be providing the music.

So grab your softest pillow, and we’ll see you Saturday.



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