Below The Yellow Wall Episode 1

Below The Yellow Wall Episode 1

We are happy to finally to present this to you! Lots of hard work and time have gone into this as well as much learning for those all around. Theyellowwall is growing into a platform that allows creatives to collaborate and learn their crafts as we all grow.


We’re happy to tell you that the first episode of Below The Yellow Wall is out now! You might be in it! (music by @nolantheninja )

#Theyellowwall is about connecting artists and entrepreneurs while educating both groups through these interactions.#BelowTheYellowWall features interviews and skits with locals artists, actors, musicians, activists, business owners, and more. It is unfiltered and uncensored just the way it’s supposed to be. If artists don’t push the boundaries who will? Without challenging the status quo progress is impossible. Through this show volunteers are learning about production and their communities. Follow theyellowwall show on YouTube.#LongLiveTheYellowWall

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