About Us.

The yellow wall is a minimalistic portrait series based out of Detroit’s oldest district, Corktown. Started during a time when Detroit was going through a bankruptcy among other trials and tribulations, the yellow wall was birthed to bring light to this “Michigan Gray” sky. We are native Detroiters with love and dedication for communal creativity and artistic expression. Art is what we want to share with you. Everything begins with art. From the age of a child we are joyous and creative, but as life progresses we learn to harden our hearts into responsible adults. The yellow wall is here to be a positive beacon in an otherwise cold world; connecting like minded individuals from across the globe with the sole purpose of making their day better. A community of creativity exists in a simple hashtag and a little bit of paint. As our visitor count increases so does the platform for free expression and collaboration. It’s not about the paint, it’s about the people.